"NOTICE" - PLEASE READ ENTIRE  "GUARANTEE"  PAGE BELOW, BEFORE PLACING A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT & Give me a Call (225) 571-1488 and fill out my  "Contact Me" form on my "Home" page.

Please educate yourself on Siberian Huskies before bringing one home......they are not a good choice for a first time dog owner. 

Huskies are pack animals and do not do well by themselves.

Knowing about huskies and owning one are completely different

All K-9's need obedience training.

 We "DO NOT" believe in or will ever ship our husky babies by ground or air. 

 All huskies must be pick-up by their new owner at my kennel on appointed departure day.


72 hour WELLNESS check-up:   (Very Important) The new puppy you purchased is covered for 72 hours from pick-up  and departure.... the NEW Buyer/Owner agrees to bring their new husky puppy to their personal  Veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup and departure with their husky puppy for a wellness checkup. This is a requirement of BELH kennel for your Guarantee to go into effect. If you are picking your husky up on a Friday, you need to have your Vet appointment made in advance for that day or Saturday or that following Monday. NO EXCEPTIONS.  A lot of  Vet clinic's are open on Saturdays (at least half a day). Plan ahead. (When you make your appointment for your husky pick-up , make another appointment with your Vet.  DON'T WAIT !  If you are picking your pup up on Saturday or Sunday the same rule applies.  Wellness checkup is to be within 72 hours of pickup and departure. I can't express this enough. If you fail to comply with the required 72 hour Wellness check-up with your  Vet , your 12 month Genetic Eye Health Guarantee  and your husky puppy registration will become NULL and VOID.  I will need proof of your 72 hour Wellness Vet checkup for verification .  I will need a copy of the invoice and the Vet's findings. You can email me a copy or take a full view picture of the invoice  and text it to me. I have to be able to read it and it must have Vets letterhead, your name and husky pup's name appear on it. (I do not need a copy of your payment receipt) After this information is verified.....your  12 month Genetic Eye Health Guarantee will go into effect. If you choose not to comply, Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies will no longer be held responsible for the 12 month eye health coverage  on your puppy and you will  NOT have ANY  Guarantee from me.   IT  IS  YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ....NOT  YOUR  VET"S....TO TAKE CARE OF THIS AND GET A COPY  TO ME.  If the Buyer/Owner's Veterinarian discovers a chronic or serious health problem with your husky puppy during your 72 hour wellness checkup, I must be notified as soon as possible in WRITING.  I must be supplied with test results and the Vet's diagnosis.  The husky puppy will need to be returned in a clean good condition with all it's paperwork to the Breeder at Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff, LLC and once the breeder's Vet verifies the defect, the breeder will exchange the husky puppy for another husky puppy of equal value at that time or when a husky puppy becomes available.  The expense of medical bills and the return of the husky puppy to the breeder is the sole responsibility of the  husky puppy's Buyer/Owner.   NO REFUNDS will be given and the breeder is  NOT responsible for any Veterinarian bills once the puppy is sold and departs from the breeder's kennel)
If  for ANY reason , you feel your puppy is not healthy during his/her pick-up appointment ..... Please, please, Speak up and by no means should you depart with that husky puppy.


"Guarantee"  (continued)

Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies:  I take pride in getting my husky puppies off to a good  start.  All of my puppies are brought to my Licensed  Veterinarian for a hands-on Health Check-up  exam before leaving my home. Every potential buyer/owner of one of my husky puppies will receive a copy of this check-up invoice and it's results. You will be made aware of any on going treatments. All of my  puppies are up to date on age appointed vaccination and are on a de-worming program. You will receive a copy of your puppies health records upon departure. It will contain: Vet check-up invoice, date of vaccination, de-worming schedule and intestinal wormer used, weight of puppy, and it will list any other preventative care I may administer.  Your new pup will need to continue on a  MONTHLY heartworm prevention, a MONTHLY parasite de-worming program (For stomach worms) and finish up his/her vaccinations by your Veterinarian. You will also need to get your pups rabies


NOTICE :    Your new puppy will be Vet checked  for health check-up  before departure . Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff, LLC - health guarantee Excludes and  DOES - NOT - COVER  common diarrhea, fleas, mites, coccidia,  giardia, intestinal worms/parasites, heartworms, reactions to vaccination, allergies, mange or other autoimmune disorders, ......once your husky puppy departs.  These problems are common in puppies and can be treated and maintained.  The breeder has advised you of the dangers of a puppies immune system and how it needs to develop to be able to fight off disease. Keep puppies away from parks, other animals, sick people, dirty areas, etc. Your new husky is a BABY and can pick-up any  disease or sickness. Once the puppy is in your care, the breeder is not responsible for  any illnesses or health problems that are not fatal or life-threatening congenital disease other then the one listed below under  "12 month Genetic Hereditary Eye Health Guarantee" Genetic  Hereditary  Eye Health Guarantee: The new husky puppy you purchased is covered under this eye guarantee for one full year  (12 months  from birth) The husky puppy is guaranteed for one full year against fatal and life threatening congenital eye disease listed next. Eye defects: (juvenile cataracts, corneal dystrophy or progressive retinal atrophy) -  If your husky puppy is examined by a Licensed Veterinarian and is diagnosed with one of these eye defects, you must notify the breeder at once . Your Vet that diagnosed your husky with one of the genetic eye defects listed above needs to forward his/her findings to a board certified Vet Ophthalmologist whom is equipped with the knowledge and training to distinguish a hereditary eye disease from a non-hereditary eye disorder. The Vet making the final diagnosis on your husky puppy must be board certified by the A.C.V.O. (American Collage of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) If the husky puppy owner fails to notify the breeder of diagnosis of the genetic eye disease within two days of  Vets findings....this guarantee will become NULL  AND VOID and Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies will not be obligated to replace your husky puppy.  If  you do not agree to my "Guarantee"....please DO NOT  place a non-refundable deposit for one of my huskies.


New Owners - Please have your pet/companion spay/neutered . Your Husky  is an extension of your family. It is your responsibility for their health, nourishment, housing, play area, training, exercise, companionship, safety and development.... etc...etc...etc           


Obedience Training  your  new  family addition:  New Buyer/Owner is responsible for proper training of  their husky puppy.  Obedience  training is strongly advised.  Your husky needs to be taught manners, what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Buyer/Owner (Adult) should always provide supervision of training, especially around young children. It is very important to teach young children how to safely interact with their new husky puppy.  I  imprint and socialize my husky puppies before they leave, but it is up to you to crate train, potty train, and teach them how to act. Any problems  that may surface, need to be taken care of right then. Your husky will only do what you allow or not allow him/her to do.

Please teach children not to taunt, tease or aggravate young puppies....they are unknowingly
teaching the puppy BAD habits.