Please understand, the picking order of puppies, it will go by the litter you choose,

the "Date" your deposit is placed and the sex you are hoping for.

Email me or call me for more information or to explain how it all works. 

Email - purebredhuskies@yahoo.com   Cell - (225) 571-1488

When a non-refundable deposit is received....the client picks a litter and the clients name and date of deposit will appear on the that specific litter's  "Waiting List"  below.

Visit my "Husky Puppies" page for Available puppies when they arrive and to view the pictures. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, when it comes your turn to pick a pup from the

litter you first chose, you are allowed to transfer your deposit to another litter for a puppy

that is still available, but your name will fall under the existing clients name on that

waiting list... if any.

Check each "Waiting List" and pictures to see if that certain puppy is available.

I will not bump any client from their spot once the puppy pictures are posted.

Each Litter's "Waiting List" is listed below the Parents pictures of that litter.

A separate deposit is required for each puppy slot from each litter.

Only two "First pick's" are allowed from each litter. (1st Male & 1st Female)

If you are in a hurry and you are not willing to wait for the husky puppy of your dreams, 

please  DO NOT  place a non-refundable deposit. 




Give me a Call (225) 571-1488

BELH Kennel - "DOES NOT" believe in or will it ever ship our

husky babies by ground or air. 

 All huskies must be picked-up by their new owner at my kennel on appointed departure day.

"Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff" always has first pick of

any puppy from any litter, if they choose to do so.

Puppy prices are located on my "Deposit/Price" page.

Scroll down to view pictures of the Parents to my up-and-coming litters.

Client's names will appear under the Husky Parent's names as deposits are placed.

Ma-Kay'la & Shu-ma'ni

(Dam) Black/Tan/White & (Sire) Black/White

Na'ni & Ma-tos'kah

(Dam) Black/White & (Sire) Solid White

La'Sheea & A'chilles

(Dam) Red/Copper/White  &  (Sire) Gray/White